Shackleton Whisky Mackinlay & Co. Whyte and Mackay

Shackelton Whisky! Here At Last Thanks To Whyte And Mackay

Not many whiskies have a century-old story to tell. A story of adventure, expedition, travel and rescue. No, there are not many drinks that can live up to the history behind this of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Mackinlay & Co. Highland … Continue reading

Whisky Recommendations for a New Whisky Drinker

In light of his upcoming trip to Chicago to host WhiskyFest, publisher and editor of Malt Advocate magazine, John Hansell, asked his community to share some thoughts and recommendations on whiskies that would be most appropriate for the new whisky drinker. Continue reading

glendronach revival 15

Whisky Shorts: The GlenDronach Revival 15

This whisky is one dark delight. The GlenDronach Revival 15, 46%, is a beautiful expression that brings some serious talent to the table for well under $100 ($70-$80) and is this week’s Great Weekday Whisky. Continue reading

Wine Storage

How to Store Wine, Whisky and Beer: An Easy Guide

If you’re going to spend money on good wine, whisky and beer, it’d be in your best interest to take some time to learn about proper storage. There are many reasons for storing and aging drinks. To start, well-made drinks … Continue reading

Citizen Public House Boston

A 3-Whisky Night at Citizens Public House, Boston

Citizen Public House is a restaurant in Boston’s Fenway area. In addition to some great eating, Citizen has a stellar whiskey list including some hard-to-find drams. Continue reading

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