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9 Gifts For The Discerning Drinker
December 11, 2016 in Spirits
Admittedly, my writing has taken a bit of a back seat this fall. Posts have been few and far between... for the first time since I launched this website nearly six years ago. But, in my defense, I did take a new gig in the wine industry a few months back and I’ve been in a bit of a transition period.

But, fear not, my exploration of all things drink has not suffered in the least. And, I’ll be damned if I skip a year of my annual holiday gift guide. So, with 2016 nearly in the bag, I give you this…

10 great gifts for the discerning drinker. [...] Continue Reading

Weekly DrinkDown: New Drink Books, Cool Homebrew Tech & The Substance!

Cool Gadgets: Brewing at home gets a new look PicoBrew’s The Pico, a new fully automatic countertop craft beer brewing appliance, surpassed its $200,000 crowdfunding campaign goal in less than nine hours this week. The Kickstarter campaign has shot past … Continue reading


Exploring The Rhône Valley: 6 Rhône Wines That Rock

In two of the last three Wine Spectator Top 100 lists, Rhône wines took the top French honors. In fact, in the last five years Rhône has produced over 15% of the wines in Spectator’s annual top ten. That’s 8 out of … Continue reading


The Infinite Monkey Theorem: Wine in a Can… From Space/Colorado

Admittedly, I am a space geek. I have a NASA t-shirt. I have all of Star Trek The Next Generation on Blu-Ray. I listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcast and Brian Cox’s podcast religiously. I almost finished a book about … Continue reading


Drink This: The Sparkling Wines of Italy’s Ferrari Trento

The best sparkling wines in the world are made using what is known as the traditional, or classic, method. It’s a method of sparkling wine production that requires a secondary fermentation in bottle. In 1936, Champagne became the first designated wine … Continue reading


Weekly DrinkDown: Booze Health Facts, Russell’s 1998 & Duet IPA

The Health Facts on Booze Diageo announced this past week that Crown Royal will now start including macro-nutritional information on the product. This is the first alcohol beverage brand to include a serving facts panel on its packaging. The panel details … Continue reading


California Cabs and Luxe Wines at the 10th Annual Newport Mansions Wine & Food

It had been a few years since my last visit to the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival. But I decided to head back for their 10th annual event this year, held the weekend of September 22nd at three of Newport’s most extravagant mansions on Bellevue … Continue reading


Weekly DrinkDown: More Craft Beer M&A, Love That Dirty Water and Sukkah for Sukkot

In this Weekly DrinkDown: More craft beer mergers and acquisitions, Sam Adams unveils their new Brewing the American Dream winner, Harpoon brews a beer with “dirty water” and our drink of the week is perfect for gin cocktails and Sukkot. … Continue reading

Buyouts and Investments Galore: The Changing Face of Craft Beer

There must be something in the air…  In September alone there were six craft beer acquisitions and investment deals announced. Let’s count them up: Golden Road, Saint Archer, Dogfish Head, Cisco, Lagunitas and Virtue Cider. That’s more than one deal per … Continue reading


Inside Napa’s Oldest Winery: A One-On-One With Peter Mondavi Jr.

How does the oldest winery in Napa Valley stay relevant and exciting in today’s crowded wine market? By staying true to their roots, continuing to put out excellent wine and by focusing on what they’re good at. Oh, and the whole … Continue reading


Best Beers: New England’s World Class Pale Ales

In today’s over-hyped IPA-crazy craft beer market, the humble Pale Ale often gets overlooked. But, there are some truly fantastic Pale Ales being produced that are absolutely worth seeking out, especially here in New England. In fact, after traveling and … Continue reading

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