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Bringin’ It All Back Home For Harpoon Brewery’s 30th

When was the last time you went into a bar and ordered an ale? Not a Pale Ale or an India Pale Ale or a Double Dry-Hopped Imperial India Pale Ale, or any number of other ales with other words before … Continue reading


Innovation and the Braggot

Like your best friend from college, the craft beer industry couldn’t stay young and carefree forever. You know at some point it had to grow up and get all businessy (how boring, right?).  Nevertheless, as much as we may want … Continue reading


A New Era for Harpoon, and for Craft Beer Independence

As someone who has started and run several businesses, stories of entrepreneurship, stand up leadership and independence will always inspire me. What Harpoon did this year in turning the ownership over to their employees and passing the leadership torch was a bold move. My hat … Continue reading


Announcing the First Brewdown Pop-Up: Harpoon Brewery & Ball and Buck

As some of you may know, I have a full time gig that is not this (unfortunately, this whole blogging thing isn’t exactly paying for a lavish lifestyle of drinking and luxury just quite yet). I work at a marketing … Continue reading


Craft Beer’s Experimental Side Shines at Harpoon’s X-Nights

When Sam Adams and Goose Island started barrel-aging beers 20-something years ago, the American craft beer industry was forever changed. The reality is, experimentation has played an integral role in the growth of craft beer. Without this passion to push … Continue reading