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DrinkInsider Cosmos Award

And the First Annual Cosmos Award Goes to… Sam Adams Utopias!

Thirty-four years ago, PBS debuted Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. This groundbreaking TV series put legendary astrophysicist, and all around cool space guy, Carl Sagan in charge of distilling the wonders of the universe to the public. This week, one of … Continue reading


The Evolution of American Craft Beer: The Return of New Albion

A few months ago I wrote about an evening with Jim Koch at the Sam Adams brewery. It was an amazing experience, complete with an endless flow of Utopias and stories only Jim could tell of the craft beer industry … Continue reading


An Enlightening Moment with Jim Koch and Sam Adams 10th Anniversary Utopias

When it comes to innovation in American craft brewing, it’d be hard to deny Sam Adams the head seat at the table. I know that many of you hard core craft beer enthusiasts will disagree with me and spit out … Continue reading

Samuel Adams Tasting

Visiting Sam Adams: Ice Cream Pairings, Memories and Bourbon Casks

I believe I was about sixteen or seventeen years old when I had my first taste of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I was with my family, staying with an aunt and uncle in New York. It was late, everyone had … Continue reading

Tasting Sam Adams Utopias 2011: Not Your Typical Beer

Thanks to some friends over at Sam Adams, the beer-friendly crowd at Antler’s What’s Brewing summer event were able to get some generous tastings of the 2011 Utopias. If you were to take a general thermometer reading from the folks in … Continue reading