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Patrón Takes Premium Tequila To The Next Level…Again: Roca Patrón

If you asked 100 drinkers to name a premium tequila brand, chances are the vast majority of them would say Patron. And there’s a good reason for that. Prior to Patron there really wasn’t a mainstream premium tequila industry in … Continue reading


New Year’s Resolution: Drink More (Good) Tequila

There seems to be a common theme amongst people (at least those I’ve surveyed) when it comes to Tequila. It’s a theme that is related to specific drinking situations that have created long term… shall we say, “negative associations” with … Continue reading


Tequila Meets Whiskey: Sazerac’s Expresiones del Corazon

For those of you keeping an eye on the evolution of Buffalo Trace’s elite brands like George T. Stagg and Van Winkle, you may be interested to know that Stagg Jr isn’t the only line extension to hit the market recently. … Continue reading


National Tequila Day! Looking High and Low for Some Exciting Buys

Every once in a while I take a slight detour from my normal whisk(e)y, wine and craft beer programming to explore other fine spirits and drinks. And, seeing that today is National Tequila Day (#nationaltequiladay for you twitter/instagram junkies), I … Continue reading