Whisky Shorts: The GlenDronach Revival 15

glendronach revival 15 single malt scotchThis whisky is one dark delight. The GlenDronach Revival 15, 46%, is a rich, Sherry-aged whisky that brings some serious talent to the table for a reasonable price ($75).

The first thing to note about the GlenDronach Revival 15 is its dark amber color. The color comes from the Spanish Oloroso Sherry Casks that it was aged in at the distillery near the eastern point of the Speyside region in the Scottish Highlands. The nose is clearly Sherry-driven up front, but a lot of depth builds underneath. Aromas of toffee and chocolate mix with orange zest and raisins, and there’s a little sweet balsamic smoke as well. On the mouth, the GlenDronach takes me into a world of big, rich and supple flavors. The spice is sharp, the mouth feel is smooth and coating and dry fruit blends with more of that chocolate and toffee, along with some hints of coffee and rich clove and cinnamon.

glendronach revival 15

In short, GlenDronach 15 is a great after-dinner dram, especially for those of you who enjoy Sherry-aged Scotch. Recommended – 90 points.