National Tequila Day! Looking High and Low for Some Exciting Buys

Every once in a while I take a slight detour from my normal whisk(e)y, wine and craft beer programming to explore other fine spirits and drinks. And, seeing that today is National Tequila Day (#nationaltequiladay for you twitter/instagram junkies), I couldn’t think of a better time to divert my attention from grains, hops and grapes to talk about a few tequilas that are turning my head.


While tequila may not be my go to drink, it has been exciting to watch the momentum of this spirit rise as the diversification of products on the market grows and as more tequila-centric bars pop up. As such, I’ve found myself increasingly intrigued by what this spirit has to offer – the different styles and regions, producers, etc. On both the high- and low-end of the spectrum there seems to be plenty of great tequilas to be found. Here are two that are on my radar:

On the low-end:
Easily the best under $20 tequila I’ve come across recently is Piedra Azul BlancoThis tequila is crafted from 100% blue agave weber from the southern Jalisco state of Los Altos. Frankly, this tequila has done a lot to reshape my perspective of the entry-level tequila market. If you know where to look, there are definitely some great tequilas to be found. Piedra Azul being a clear example of this. In all candor, I’m already on my second bottle.


Here are my tasting notes: On the nose, I get a big burst of juicy citrus, flowers, grass, cinnamon, a little brininess and agave. The palate is soft, sweet and herbal with bold citrus notes, a green earthy quality, cinnamon and a nice, spicy finish. All in, Piedra Azul Blanco drinks like a much pricier tequila. It’s light, easy-drinking, delicious neat, and for less than $20, a great buy.

On the high-end:
On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Expresiones del CorazonI must admit, when I first found out about this project I got really, really excited. Launched by Sazerac-owned tequila company Corazon, the 5-bottle series features tequilas aged in whiskey barrels which were formerly used by legendary Buffalo Trace products such as George T. Stagg and Old Rip Van Winkle. According to numerous articles I’ve read, the product should be rolling out this summer across the US. Though, I’ve heard rumors that it won’t be making its way to Massachusetts. So, lucky for me I’ll have to go elsewhere to seek these sexy beasts out.


Well, that’s what’s on my radar for National Tequila Day 2013? What’s on yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks to Baddish Group for the sample of Piedra Azul.