Extreme Beer Fest 2015: Guide to the Parties

For craft beer geeks, Beer Advocate’s Extreme Beer Fest (EBF) is the beer event in the Boston area. And this year’s fest is just a week away–taking place on March 20th and 21st. Here’s your guide to all of the best pre-parties and after-parties taking place for EBF 2015!

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As EBF has become more and more popular over the years, it has expanded out from smaller venues to the Seaport World Trade Center (where all of the other big drink events like Boston Wine Expo and American Craft Beer Fest take place). And even with this larger venue, tickets seem to sell out faster every year. Of course, there’s a reason for that… this event kicks ass. 2015 will be my fourth year going and it seems that every year the ante gets upped on the breweries that attend and the beers they bring. This year’s lineup is no exception. Here’s the full list (to date).

Given the popularity of the event and the national appeal from breweries and beer geeks alike, it’s no surprise that many of the best beer bars and restaurants in town are getting in on the action. This year, there are events going on all week leading up to EBF and throughout the weekend. So, whether you’ve got tickets or not, plan on joining in on the action. Looking at this event list below, you won’t want to miss out!

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Get the downloadable guide by date here

Row 34, Boston
Row 34 is hosting a week of events, kicking off with a Firestone Walker event on Wednesday, 3/18.

Firestone Walker with barrelmeister Jeffers Richardson. Beers include: Agrestic, Lil Opal, XVIII Anniversary Ale, Sucaba and others.
Cascade Social. Beers include: Wild #2, Manhattan and Figaro
Against the Grain Social
The Bruery Social. Beers include: Oude Tart w/ Cherries, Melange #9 and Chocolate Rain
Trillium’s 2nd Anniversary. Upper Case, the breweries new double IPA will be on tap

The Publick House, Brighton
The Publick House has a killer lineup of EBF week events as well, kicking off with their Cascade Draft Night on Wednesday, 3/18.

Cascade Draft Night. Beers will include Manhattan NW, Foudre #1, and Boysenberry.
Meet & Greet with Lost Abbey/Port’s Tomme Arthur. Beers include Track #10, Ron Santo Diego, Cuvee de Tomme, Deliverance 2013, and more.
Meet & Greet Lunch with The Bruery’s Patrick Rue. Beers include Or Xata, Jardinier, Mocha Wednesday, Smokey and The Bois, and more.
Trillium’s 2nd Anniversary Party (okay, this isn’t officially connected to EBF, but it’s going to be awesome)

Olde Magoun’s Saloon, Somerville
Olde Magoun’s is hosting their Extreme Beer Fest Pre-ThrowDown, “Black is the new Black” on Thursday 3/19. Beers include: Dogfish Head/Beer Advocate collabs, Allagash Bourbon Barrel Black, Carton Epitome, Due South Peppermint Paddy Stout, Funky Buddha Wide Awake It’s Morning, Surly Damien, The Bruery Chocolate Rain, and others.

The Independent, Somerville
The Indo will be hosting their Saison Showcase on 3/21. Beers to include Allagash Century Brett Saison, Lost Abbey Carnevale, Foundation Eddy, Smuttynose 2009 Farmhouse Ale and more.

Stoddards Fine Food & Ale, Boston
Stoddards is hosting their “West Side Lunch” on 3/20. Beers will include Coronado, Epic, Rare Barrel, Stone, Lost Abbey and more. They’ll be serving up a Cali-infused lunch menu to compliment.

The Merchant, Boston
The Merchant is hosting their after party, 10@10, on Friday 3/20. Beers include Revolution Jukebox Hero, Two Roads Cognac Barrel-Aged Iror’s Dream, Funky Buddha Last Snow, Surly Cacao Bender, Rare Barrel Apropos of Nothing and others.

Bukowski Tavern, Boston
Bukowski’s is hosting an after-party with Short’s Brewing on Friday 3/20. Beers include Black Chai Ale, Liberator and Sacred Union.

Cambridge Common, Cambridge
CC will be hosting their post-EBF Ithaca Beer brunch on 3/22. Two new Ithaca beers made with GIMME! Coffee will be tapped: Super Stout and Java Power

Kirkland Tap & Trotter, Cambridge
Chef Tony Maws is hosting a post-EBF brunch on Sunday 3/22, potentially featuring Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione.

The Tip Tap Room, Boston
Tip Tap is hosting another post-EBF brunch on Sunday featuring the beers of Grimm Artisanal Ales. This is a two-course meal with three of Grimm’s beers. Tickets are limited.

Is your bar or restaurant throwing an event for EBF 2015? Let me know, and I’ll add it to the list.

See ya there, Boston!