Innovation and Drink Culture in America, “Shaken, Not Stirred”

This article was originally published on BostInnovation, and discusses how social media and technology is affecting drink culture.

Get out your cocktail shaker, your whisky, wine and beer because drink culture in America is getting exciting. We are witnessing a massive evolution; not only in consumer attitudes, but also in the way that communication takes place throughout the consumer and industry landscape. And this is affecting everything from the way people drink and buy to the way the industry acts and sells.

At the forefront of change is a communication revolution powered by mobile technology and social media. It is empowering consumers to become more educated and share their passion with a growing network of like-minded peers. It is allowing local, craft producers who rarely had a chance of competing with the big brands before to gain major ground on the national field. And, it is giving producers, retailers and critics an opportunity to directly engage with their consumers and remove the dividing walls that had created separation for so long.

The industry, as a debonair James Bond once said, has been “shaken, not stirred.”

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