Boston Wine Expo 2014 Countdown… It’s Ticket Giveaway Time!

If you’re a wine kind of gal/guy, or just need a grape escape (see what I did there?) from this ridiculously cold and snowy New England weather, you’re in luck because there are a number of great wine events coming up over the next month. Not least of which is the always entertaining and educational Boston Wine Expo, which is hitting the World Trade Center on February 15th and 16th. I’ve got some free tickets to giveaway below, so keep on reading…


I’ve been going to the Boston Wine Expo for, let’s see, at least five years now and I always have a great time (really, read my write up from last year). Sure it can get a little crowded at points, but the event producers have done a great job finding new ways to maximize the space and give attendees the best possible experience. They also do a hell of a job bringing in great wineries, distributors and seminars. It’s literally impossible to walk away from a day at BWE without finding some new wines or regions that you want to explore more.

If you are planning to go this year, I’d recommend checking out the seminar schedule. There are some really interesting talks going on that you probably won’t want to miss. And besides… It can be nice to break up the day and bring a little sit-down education into the mix. Here are a few that are on my radar:

Napa Valley Cabernets – Great wines from great years (with Paul Wagner)
Tete de Cuvee Champagne – Tasting the Best of the Best
Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot Vertical Spanning Four Decades
Merroir & Terroir Pairing with Island Creek Oysters
Premier Cru Cote de Beaune vs Cote de Nuits
Give this (Person) a Cigare! (with Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon)

Okay, now for the good stuff… the giveaway (and discount)!

Here’s the deal: I’ve got one pair of tickets (a.k.a. two) to give away to the SUNDAY Grand Tasting at Boston Wine Expo. At $85/ticket, that’s $170 worth of free tickets you could win! Not a bad deal if you ask me. All YOU have to do for a chance to win them is leave a comment below or on my Facebook page ( stating what country or region you are most looking forward to exploring at the Expo this year. I’ll do a random drawing next Wednesday (1/29) to pick the winner. Easy!

If, however, you aren’t feeling lucky (or are a baller who likes to spend money), and would rather just buy a pair of tickets, you can do that too! And, you can use the code “SOCIAL” to get 10% off!

Good luck! And I hope to see all of you at Boston Wine Expo this year. No, seriously… find me. Say hi.

  • LGB362

    I’d love to try some South African wines. Specifically some reds from Paarl!

  • Alex

    I would love to discover Argentina.

    Alex B email:

  • Doug

    I’d really like to try some wines from New York.

  • alan duda

    New England! Let’s see what the best we’ve got is.

  • Claudia Willett

    I’d really love to try some wines from Argentina and I am a huge Bordeaux fan so I’d definitely be interested in learning (and tasting) more.

  • Sima Patel

    I would love to try some new wines from Argentina. I especially love a good Malbec!!

  • Brianna Reed

    New Zealand!

  • Georgina

    Washington state

  • Anuj Adhiya

    Chile, por favor!

  • Dina

    France! Yum.

  • KC

    Napa, again! Yum!

  • Katie


  • Samantha

    US of A!!!!!

  • Jessica Dennis


  • Ti

    I am looking forward to checking out the Finger Lakes region in NY! And Germany, I have a soft spot for reislings!

  • Meg O’Keefe

    Love sweet wines from California!

  • Shari

    I’m looking forward to tasting some of the New England wines so I can then go and explore the wineries!

  • Rhiana Huckins

    I am excited to try some unique wines from across the USA made from not just grapes, but other fruits as well! <3

  • Stephanie Davis

    Portugal is always my favorite!

  • Ice Princess

    I would love to try some wine from Spain, Italy and Bordeaux regions. Of course anything from Napa and Sonoma would be fine as well.

  • wimeaaloha

    I’m excited to try wine from the region of Chile. I love the Boston Wine Expo!

  • Mary


  • Lesley Mello

    New England wines…

  • Catherine Cogut

    I’d like to explore more South African wines!

  • Margy


  • Jen

    New Zealand

  • john carrabino


  • marianne

    Looking forward to Chilean wines ♥

  • Clare


  • Alan Becker

    I would like to look at Italian wines

  • jktuck311

    my wife and I have been the last couple of years,unfortunately for financial reasons we will not be attending this year.if we were to be there this yearhey new local winery might be nice

  • Guest

    “Boston Wine Expo”

  • Jim

    ¡Me gusta los vinos de España!

  • Samantha Mills

    J’aime les vins Francais!!!

  • Lee Movic

    Wines from Spain.

  • Maura Kronmiller

    I’m more of a Beer Girl..but do Love a White/Blush glass of wine..not a fan of Red. Like the Riesling but keeping it local …Cape Cod Winery in Falmouth!! Thanks Maura

  • Seth

    I am curious about the New England wines.

  • Erica Nelson

    I would love to learn more about wines from Argentina

  • Jennifer

    I’m excited about the food & wine pairings!

  • Josie Glausen

    To be honest, I do not know that much information about wine, but I would like to! I feel that this would be a great opportunity to learn more. I enjoy all white and blush wines, especially ones that are considered “local” to New England. Thank you!

  • jasper

    will there be wines from canada? if so, i must try.

  • aimee

    Napa valley and Italy

  • Bob


  • Pat Devine

    would love to try some more italian wines

  • Keriann

    Wines from Western New York!

  • Serena

    Can’t wait to try New Zealand wines!

  • Thanks for all of your awesome entries. I wish I could give free tix to everyone. But I can’t. So, the winner is… drum roll… Jessica Ann – congrats. You’ve just won yourself a pair of tix to BWE!

  • Andrea

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