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This Week in Drink News: The Return of KMF, Deschutes Looks East, and Aurora Point
September 4, 2015 in Beer
In this week's drink news, Sam Adams re-releases Kosmic Mother Funk, Deschutes looks to east coast expansion and Stonestreet's Aurora Point Sauvignon rocks my world. [...] Continue Reading

Drinking New England: Summer Farm Sipping in Westport, MA

There are a lot of great drink-worthy “day trips” and getaways for beer, wine and spirits fans in New England. And I decided it was about time to start writing about them.  If you drive about an hour and a half … Continue reading


Compass Box’s Hedonism Quindecimus: Grain Whisky, Evolved

Hedonism Quindecimus.  Hedonism. Quindecimus. Say that ten times over. Okay, don’t say that ten times over. Just look at her awe. Stare longingly into it her beautiful eyes and be transported to some strange land that whiskymaker/mad whisky scientist John … Continue reading

Willamette Valley Vineyards

This Week in Drink News: Pot Beer, Wine Stock and The Bee

Is it 4:20 yet? Dude’s Brews, the packaged beer arm of a Colorado-based brewpub, will be releasing the world’s first line of high CBD, cannabis-infused craft beer starting in fall 2015. The first beers to be introduced under the Canna-Beer series are … Continue reading


WhistlePig Old World Rye Whiskey: Cask-Finished Goodness

Since WhistlePig first released their 10 year 100 proof straight rye in 2010, the Vermont-based whiskey company has quickly become one of the preeminent producers of 100% rye in the US. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying most of their releases to date, including … Continue reading


Dining In With The Côtes de Bordeaux

I, unfortunately, haven’t reached the point in my life where opening $50 bottles on weeknights is financially feasible. Maybe one day I’ll get there, but until that point, I’m on the constant lookout for great weekday value wines. Wines under … Continue reading


Shaking it Up: 3 Summer Cocktails with Boston Harbor Distillery

Boston Harbor Distillery opened its doors earlier this summer. I’d been loosely involved since the early planning stages, so to see the distillery now in full operation with products rolling out around the Boston area is really exciting. This past weekend I stopped by to link … Continue reading


Drinking Colorado: Spirits Edition (Feat. Stranahan’s, Leopold Bros & more)

In the past ten years Colorado has gone from just one craft distillery to fifty, making it one of the foremost states for craft spirits in the county. For part two in our Drinking Colorado series, we take a look … Continue reading


New 18- and 42-year Whiskies from Tobermory… I mean, Ledaig

I’ve always been a little confused by the Tobermory/Ledaig story. First of all, this is a distillery that has been in and out of operation numerous times since it was founded in 1798. It has also switched ownership hands perhaps as … Continue reading


Drinking Colorado: Craft Beer Edition

When I went to college in Colorado in the late 90s, there was already a burgeoning craft beer culture in the state. Fast-forward 15+ years and Colorado has become a haven for great drinks; featuring a craft beer scene that has … Continue reading


Laphroaig 15, Reincarnated & Reviewed (200th Anniversary)

As I reported back in November, Laphroaig has a host of new releases planned for their 200th Anniversary this year. According to Laphroaig’s Distillery Master John Campbell there are seven new whiskies in total coming out in 2015. Not least … Continue reading

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