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Hopworks Urban Brewery
Best of Portland, Oregon: Breweries, Brewpubs and Beers (Part II)
July 18, 2014 in Beer
Per capita, Portland, Oregon has more strip clubs breweries than any other city in America, and DrinkInsider has taken the PDX challenge head-on to narrow down the best of the best. In Part II, we've got five more breweries: Hopworks, The Commons, Lompoc, Pfriem, and Deschutes. [...] Continue Reading

Best of Portland, Oregon: Breweries, Brewpubs and Beers (Part I)

I’ve been told by quite a few Portlanders that their city has the most strip clubs per capita in the US. And while this statistic is both impressive and true, I wonder why they fail to mention that Portland is … Continue reading


Let the Wine Flow! Massachusetts Ends Archaic Ban

I don’t usually write about news, or Massachusetts. But, it’s Friday and this is big. Finally, after years and years of hard fought battles, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed the latest budget bill, which includes provisions allowing for limited, regulated … Continue reading


Whiskey Dreamland in Beervana: Portland’s Multnomah Whiskey Library

This article is part of an ongoing series exploring America’s best whisk(e)y bars. My trip out to Oregon last week was really about two things: Portland beer and Willamette wine. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t planning … Continue reading


5 Ways to Never Miss a Limited Edition Beer or Whiskey Release

A lot of people ask me how I always know about the limited edition bottle releases or super hard-to-find beers being tapped. While I hate to give away all of my secrets, I feel like you and I are close … Continue reading


Great Chilean Wines: Exploring the Micro Terroir of Don Melchor

Chile was one of the first wine regions I really got into. From a value perspective, it’s a hard act to beat. But, there’s another side to Chilean wine that, admittedly, I’ve not spent nearly enough time exploring. So, when … Continue reading


Pack up the VW, Sierra Nevada’s Epic Beer Camp Across America is Almost Here!

I don’t know what you’re doing this summer, but I’m going to Beer Camp! There are a lot of buzz worthy craft beer events and releases coming up this summer, but the one I’m most excited for is Sierra Nevada’s … Continue reading


For Father’s Day, Two World-Class Whiskeys: Red Breast 21 & Kavalan Soloist Vinho Barrique

If you want to give your Dad (the guy who made your very existence possible) a half-assed gift, go right ahead. Buy him a tie. But, if on the other hand, you want to step up your game and buy … Continue reading


90+ Cellars, Thinking Differently About Wine

I met up the other day with Brett Vankoski, co-founder of 90+ Cellars — a Boston-based wine company that buys small lots of wine from various producers around the world and packages and sells the wine under their own brand … Continue reading


Hey Girl, How About I Tell You About The Ryan Gosling Beer From Evil Twin

I’ve got to give it to Evil Twin. Their labels have been getting more and more absurd (in an amazingly awesome way), but this one… this one comes pretty damn close to topping the cake. Who thinks, “hey, we should … Continue reading


Weekend Roundup: CBC’s 25th, Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo (w/ Recipes)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a rather broad assumption that you’re doing something related to drinking this weekend. And yes, I do know what they say about making assumptions, but I’m pretty confident that … Continue reading

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