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New 18- and 42-year Whiskies from Tobermory... I mean, Ledaig
July 27, 2015 in Whisky
I've always been a little confused by the Tobermory/Ledaig story. First of all, this is a distillery that has been in and out of operation numerous times since it was founded in 1798. It has also switched ownership hands perhaps as many times. So the whole history thing is a little bit hard to follow. But the bigger point of confusion for me, and probably for many other whisky drinkers as well, has been this dual identity issue. Is it Tobermory distillery? Is it Ledaig? Well, the answer to that question depends on what point of the distillery's history you are referring to. The distillery started as Ledaig, was changed to Tobermory, then back to Ledaig. Now it's Tobermory, again. I think... No it is. I swear. I double checked. [...] Continue Reading

Drinking Colorado: Craft Beer Edition

When I went to college in Colorado in the late 90s, there was already a burgeoning craft beer culture in the state. Fast-forward 15+ years and Colorado has become a haven for great drinks; featuring a craft beer scene that has … Continue reading


Laphroaig 15, Reincarnated & Reviewed (200th Anniversary)

As I reported back in November, Laphroaig has a host of new releases planned for their 200th Anniversary this year. According to Laphroaig’s Distillery Master John Campbell there are seven new whiskies in total coming out in 2015. Not least … Continue reading


On Craggy Range: Exploring The Diversity of New Zealand’s Wines

It’s important to remind ourselves from time to time that our perspectives of a region’s wine may be skewed by the realities of a local market. I realized I was guilty of this the other night when I spent an … Continue reading


Brooklyn and Chicago Take Boston, and a Free Pair of Tickets!

Boston beer drinkers, you’re in luck. Next week Brooklyn Brewery and Goose Island are each taking over the Boston area and they’ve got a whole bunch of great events going on. Including one event that you can WIN A FREE … Continue reading

Ardbeg Perpetuum

Ardbeg’s 200th, and Perpetuum

There are thirteen working distilleries in Scotland that are part of the 200-year club. That’s like the mile high club of Scotch, just much rarer and a wee bit cooler. And it just so happens that the most recent inductees–both celebrating … Continue reading


Being Steve Heimoff (Part I): On Writing & Wine

Do you remember when you first got into wine… when the wine bug bit you? For Steve Heimoff, it happened in an instant. It was 1978 and he was with his cousin in a Safeway supermarket in California. Lightning struck in aisle … Continue reading


A New Batch of IPAs: Memorial Day 2015 Edition (Ratings & Reviews)

There’s been a flurry of new IPAs coming into the market lately, many of them new year-round additions to brewery lineups. Of course, this isn’t much of a surprise seeing that we’re coming into prime beer drinking season and India … Continue reading


Allagash, Russian River and Cantillon’s Wild Friendship Celebration

I’m not going to sugar coat this one, the Wild Friendship Celebration at Allagash this past weekend was easily one of the best beer events I’ve ever been to. Yes, partly because it featured some of the most exciting sour … Continue reading


New Holland’s Zeppelin Bend: When Brewers Get Distilling Right

I’ve written a lot about the convergence of craft beer and whiskey over the past few years. Brewers and distillers are, at an increasing rate, joining forces to create products that are a result of their collective efforts. And as an equal opportunity … Continue reading


Innovation and the Braggot

Like your best friend from college, the craft beer industry couldn’t stay young and carefree forever. You know at some point it had to grow up and get all businessy (how boring, right?).  Nevertheless, as much as we may want … Continue reading

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